About Us

Hello there! I’m Grace and I started The Bali Market on the foundation of my love for simple, beautiful and organized homes. 

As an interior decorator I loved helping clients create homes that reflected their style and personality. In consultations I began by encouraging each client to clear their current space to make room for the new. I believe that an un-cluttered home brings more joy and happiness to all who reside in the space. 

That’s what I want for you. A home where you FEEL at home.

BALI stands for Bestow Abundance Lend Inspiration. That means, each time you purchase one of our towels, we encourage you to donate an unused and unloved item from your home. Bestow Abundance. And when you live a life of giving and gratitude, it reflects positivity to those around you. Lend Inspiration.

I identify with your desire for a deep connection to your family and home and create products that help nurture that bond. Our products are never fussy, just simple, pretty and, most importantly, useful. I’m all about cutter-free living, and creating a family home you’re proud of. 

If you believe in our mission, pledge your intent by signing-up now. (You'll find the sign-up form in the top right corner of this page.) As a first time customer you'll also receive a 20% off your first purchase to get you started on your simpler living and 'one-in // one-out' journey. 

I hope you’ll join me on this journey to live more simple and happier lives. Simplified living is good for the soul and the environment. Get started here.